Metricon tops HIA’s Top Homebuilders again

Metricon tops HIA’s Top Homebuilders again
Metricon tops HIA’s Top Homebuilders again

For the second year in a row, Metricon Homes was revealed as the nation’s number one residential builder, at the launch of the HIA-COLORBOND® steel Housing 100 Report in Melbourne this morning.

Metricon Homes reported a total of 4,367 starts - just two more than last year - across Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

Of these starts, 3,876 were detached houses and 491 were semi-detached dwellings.

The number of new houses commenced in Australia has fallen over the last year, but the bar for entry into the HIA–COLORBOND® steel Housing 100 Report continues to rise.

The number of starts required to make the list has increased from 96 to 108 – the highest entry hurdle on record.

The HIA–COLORBOND® steel Housing 100 Report shows that:

  • Australia’s 100 largest builders increased their starts by 8.5 per cent to 74,572 during 2016/17, the highest number of starts on record for the Housing 100 group;
  • The Housing 100 accounted for 45 per cent of all new dwellings started in 2016/17;
  • Revenue earned from home construction by the Housing 100 increased by 22 per cent to $22.61 billion in 2016/17.

The number of new dwellings commenced in Australia declined by 6.9 per cent in 2016/17 but the number of housing starts by the largest 100 Builders in Australia actually increased by 8.5 per cent.

These results show that even in a shrinking market, there are a smaller number of builders that are still growing their business.

The boom in apartments - particularly in Sydney and Melbourne - has been a major factor in this year’s results.

Multi-unit starts have declined this year compared to the previous year, but they still remain at very elevated levels.

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Metricon tops HIA’s Top Homebuilders again

Dyldam Developments is Australia’s second-largest homebuilder with 3,605 starts during 2016/17. All of Dyldam Developments’ starts relate to apartment construction in Sydney.

ABN Group defied a slow market in Western Australia to achieve third place on the list.

The biggest mover for a second year in a row was the MJH Group with an increase of 517 starts in 2016/17.

This is in addition to their growth of 1,034 starts during the previous year escalating them to sixth place on the list of largest builders in Australia.

ACT-based GEOCON more than doubled its number of starts – with an increase of 492 starts - in 2016/17. This makes them the second biggest mover in the year.

The NSW RILOW Group jumped 26 spots on the list to be the 58th largest builder in the country.

There are 17 builders appearing on the list for the first time, which are predominantly from NSW and Queensland.

The prior HIA-COLORBOND® steel Housing 100 Report 2015/16 revealed a fourth consecutive increase in new dwelling commencements for Australia’s largest volume builders, with Metricon topping the latest list.

The total number of HOUSING 100 starts was 69,161 in 2015/16, compared to the previous record of 69,100 in 2003/04 and the ten year high of 68,621 reached in 2014/15.

The report, that ranks Australia’s largest 100 residential builders based on the number of homes commenced each year, found that Metricon Homes was the nation’s number one home builder in 2015/16.

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