BrickX looks south to Adelaide for next property

BrickX looks south to Adelaide for next property
BrickX looks south to Adelaide for next property

BrickX is set to diversify its portfolio of properties offered to investors with a recent acquisition in Adelaide. 

The fractional investing platform has previously concentrated on Sydney and Melbourne offerings.

They bought a two-bedroom house at 73 Third Avenue St Peters for $825,100, according to Corelogic.

The house last changed hands for $775,000 in 2015, the data showed.

The stone-fronted villa has a curved roof verandah forming an outdoor pavilion and an alfresco living room.

The property was last advertised for rent at $540 per week. 

BrickX looks south to Adelaide for next property

In an email to its investors, BrickX said a diversified portfolio helps manage the trade-off between risk and reward. 

So far, BrickX had focussed on properties in Sydney and Melbourne only. It has bought 13 properties so far, with most in Sydney.

BrickX divides each property it acquires into 10,000 units it calls ‘Bricks’ and offers them to investors. 

It last bought a house in Sydney’s Balmain, offering the initial ‘brick’ at $140 each.

In its email to investors, BrickX said that Australian capital cities and even individual suburbs have their own unique property cycles. 

“Many different factors affect the performance of these individual markets so they don’t all behave in the same way, at the same time. Our launch into a third capital city provides our Members with the opportunity to diversify further.”

During the release of its six-monthly valuations in July, BrickX said the Annandale house rose in value by 7.4 per cent in the last six months, the most for any of its acquisitions. 

The Brickx buying team recently noted Adelaide's strong fundamentals with highest amount of Government project and infrastructure spend per person than any other capital city.

It also noted property was the most affordable it has been for 8 years and the housing market was building momentum.

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