Housing Supply Association formed to tackle housing crisis

Housing Supply Association formed to tackle housing crisis
Housing Supply Association formed to tackle housing crisis

A new industry body has been launched to aid government and industry to streamline planning processes, develop effective policy to reduce housing costs and increase housing supply.

The Housing Supply Association was launched by the NSW Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts.

Properties will be made available for purchase and rental through the HSA, with caveats placed on sales to first homebuyers to ensure they are not on-sold for profit.

Minister Roberts has welcomed HSA’s commitment to help break the cycle of the spiralling property market, which slams the door on many new first homebuyers and prevents key workers living where they work.

“The NSW Government is committed to working with businesses, organisations and local communities to address housing affordability and those who are most disadvantaged in buying their first home, or renting where they live,” he said.

“I commend the formation of the not-for-profit Housing Supply Association to assist in tackling these challenges and look forward to working hand-in-hand with all participants to break down the barriers for future generations of new home owners and renters and helping key workers to live where they work.”

The HSA will also work with government and industry to secure property exclusively for those who need it most, many properties at potentially 20 – 30% below market value.

Property allocation will also focus on ex- servicemen and women and people with disabilities.

Aras Labutis, HSA Vice President said Australia was at a crossroads in addressing housing affordability for the average wage-earner.

“I am proud to be part of the HSA’s collaboration with government, councils and key stakeholders to deliver the first major positive intervention to address this serious social issue,” he said.

“This is the only holistic, industry-driven solution to deliver real outcomes for first homebuyers and key workers, such as the police, ambos and fire services who look after our communities 24/7.

“The HSA’s purpose is to increase affordable housing supply as part of an industry-wide response to a problem that now desperately needs action, not words.”

"Suitable developments for the HSA’s target market are underway or in the pipeline.

"One major property provider has already committed 20 percent of a new development to the HSA for affordable housing.

“We have consulted those groups facing hardship, and the current housing situation disadvantages many of the most valued members of our community.

“We need to increase supply of housing, and we need to look after those who need it most.

“We have tested our approach with government and the key worker Associations and they like the process.

“I would like to thank the NSW Government for their support and commitment of this important initiative.

“Without the collaboration of industry and support of Minister Roberts and the NSW Government our plans to address this crisis would not be possible.”

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