Mirvac teams with York Butter Factory for tech co-working space

Mirvac teams with York Butter Factory for tech co-working space
Mirvac teams with York Butter Factory for tech co-working space

Developer Mirvac has announced a partnership with tech co-working space York Butter Factory called Hoist in Sydney's Locomotive Workshops Australian Technology Park.

Hoist is aimed at finding collaborative to blend start-ups and corporates and offer a mixture of higher density co-working desks team spaces along with a workshop and significant events space.

Hoist will be open from August 2017, with approximately 50 seats for corporates and start-ups.

Paul Edwards, General Manager of Workplace Experiences at Mirvac, said the partnership will help to create a wider Sydney startup cluster, complimenting the NSW Government’s entrepreneurial hub in the CBD announced last week.

“At ATP, start-ups will access extensive support and advice to ensure their business grows, with direct access to the already established technology and start up ecosystem that exists at the precinct," he said.

“We’re strongly aligned with the NSW government’s plan for a complementary portfolio of Innovation Precincts, extending the support to scale ups and growing the start-up cluster beyond Sydney’s CBD."

“The Hoist partnership will be rolled out nationally and become part of the broader, highly inclusive YBF ecosystem.”

Stuart B. Richardson, Founder of YBF, said the partnership will provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with industry-centric innovation precincts in prime locations.

“The unique environment and range of stakeholders present at ATP make it the perfect location for a sustainable entrepreneurial precinct," he said.

“We’re in the fourth industrial revolution where technology is seismically changing all industries. YBF sees the launch of Hoist as a positive step toward equipping Australian companies with the tools they need to thrive in this new environment.

“Last year it was FinTech and HealthTech, this year it’s PropTech, RetailTech, cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, while next year the waves of disruption will continue to batter and redefine the global economy.

“Hoist and its tenants will aim to be ahead of the curve when it comes to whatever changes and disruption which come to the forefront of the global economy.

“A successful smart precinct moves away from the homogenous use of a space and mixes start-ups, corporates, entrepreneurs, the latest technologies and new property strategies to form a hybrid, allowing cross-collaboration and sharing of ideas.

“Hoist at ATP will help to cement the site as an advanced innovation district as well as a thriving community precinct.

“This partnership will allow Mirvac to help foster innovation within the property industry and wider corporate Australia.

“Around the globe we’re seeing a transformation in the way people work, the way businesses manage their workforces and the way developers create workplaces and office precincts.

“The rise of the gig economy, as well as increasing mobility and connectivity are leading to an evolution in the way we operate.

“Adapting to these changes is integral to our success and the results we deliver for our customers, and the cities and communities we operate in.”

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