BrickX says property portfolio valued at $8.68 million

BrickX says property portfolio valued at $8.68 million
BrickX says property portfolio valued at $8.68 million

Investment platform BrickX, which allows investors to acquire a slice of property through its ‘bricks’, has seen 13,393 bricks change hands in the last three months.

The platform was officially launched in September 2016 and has acquired properties in Bondi Beach, Double Bay, Enmore, Annandale and Mosman in Sydney and at Port Melbourne and Prahran in Melbourne. The combined value of all its properties is about $8,685,000.

Its investor count is at 2,845, according to its website, up around 100 since last week.

BrickX offers relevant data about a property to prospective investors to help them make a decision.

For example, a two-bedroom unit in Double Bay the company bought last year for $1,395,000 has 32 percent debt ($445,000) and an equity of $950,000. The initial brick price was $95, because each property is divided into 10,000 ‘bricks’.

The unit is currently rented for $1,000 per week and BrickX says the estimated rental yield is 2.1% pa. It paid a distribution of $0.15 per brick for February into investors’ digital wallets. So far, there are 1,305 investors in the property.

The five-year growth average for Double Bay is 12.06 percent, according to CoreLogic, and the estimated return on investment is 19.81 percent.

Investors can earn rental income from their property in proportion to their investment, or ‘bricks’ they own. They can also make capital gains by selling bricks owned by them. 

The current price for the Double Bay property's 'brick' was $97, as per the website.

Prices of bricks currently range from $68 per brick for its one-bedroom property in Enmore to $158 per brick for a two-bedroom house in Melbourne. 

The most expensive property in the portfolio is a two-bedroom house at Port Melbourne, which BrickX bought for $1.57 million.

The estimated net rental yield for these properties, as shown on its website, ranges from 1.48 percent to 2.93 percent.

BrickX charges a 1.75% transaction fee when you buy or sell your Bricks. The company says on its website that it has no other charges such as for funds under management, performance, contribution, service, or withdrawal fees. There are of course, monthly expenses associated with a property that owners of bricks have to factor in, just like any other investment property.

Its advisory panel includes CoreLogic’s head of Research, Tim Lawless and Nerida Conisbee, chief economist at

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