Pro-pet rental problem for landlords, property managers

Pro-pet rental problem for landlords, property managers
Pro-pet rental problem for landlords, property managers

Some 54 percent of pet owners polled for a recent survey considered landlords and property managers should be compelled to allow tenants with pets.

The PETstock Pet Parent Survey interviewed more than 905 pet owners from around Australia and found more than half of all pet owners believe laws must be changed to force landlords to allow pets in rental properties, with most saying it took a long time to find somewhere they could live with their animals.

PETstock chief executive of cer Shane Young said only 1.5 percent strongly disagreed with the need to change the law.

“In Victoria, there are no laws that directly cover pets in tenancies or residencies, but landlords often include a clause in the lease banning them,” he said.

"However this may soon change with the Victorian Government currently reviewing tenancy laws, including the law around pets. Any change to the law in Victoria may set a precedent for other states to follow.

"For many people, pets were part of the family and it was heartbreaking to have to give them up if they couldn’t find suitable rental accommodation.

“Given that an incredible 83 percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they treated their pets as their children, these figures are not surprising.

“When they are looking for a place to live it can be really hard for pet parents to  find a place where the owners will allow them to keep their pet.”

"The Pet Parent Survey found that 70 percent of owners took a lot of time and effort to  find pet-friendly rental accommodation. Of those who were renting homes with their pets, 84 percent said the landlord allowed it, while 4 percent said their landlord didn’t know. Just over 10 per cent said the landlord wouldn’t usually allow pets but had made an exception in this case."

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