Largest Ronald McDonald House to be opened in Brisbane

Largest Ronald McDonald House to be opened in Brisbane
Largest Ronald McDonald House to be opened in Brisbane

Australia’s largest Ronald McDonald House will be officially opened by the Governor General on November 5.

It is located opposite the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and the Mater Mother’s Hospital in South Brisbane.

The “House” has thirteen floors and will initially provide 70 and in the future 112 rooms to accommodate families from rural and regional Queensland whilst their children are receiving treatment at the nearby specialist hospitals.

The design, according to Mark Grimmer, BVN Principal, was aimed to provide a quiet retreat from urban inner city Brisbane with a feeling of a “home away from home” for regional parents and children”.

Mr Grimmer pointed out how the design is underpinned by four key principles associated with home, they are; garden; hearth; house and roof with these ideas being realised through:

  • A range of beautiful landscaped gardens for escape, play and relaxation;
  • The central hearth, this is a communal space that wraps around the lift core on every level with facilities where residents can gather, drink tea and connect;
  • Individual “houses” wrapped around the northern courtyard to bring the families together;
  • The large wrapping roof to shelter the house and signify this is a welcoming home.

The selection of materials and detailing decisions are all based on those common to houses, such as textured brickwork, metal roof sheeting and cladding that is also metal but has the appearance of weatherboards.

As well as the ‘hearth’ communal spaces on every floor of the building there is a large main lounge and dining area that is clearly visible from the main entry.  There are also children’s play areas, communal kitchens and a special events space that is located on the top level to take advantage of the expansive views across South Bank to the city.

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