Make your money work for you

Make your money work for you
Make your money work for you

Make your money work for you


Karen Babilonia and Leonard Masacupan are kick-starting what they hope will be a substantial investment portfolio with their first apartment in Esplanade.

The couple have purchased a one-bedroom apartment at Esplanade on Norwest Lake – the area’s first fully integrated development that combines luxury living with a dining and retail precinct, boutique workspaces and a public boardwalk.

“Our hope is to become full time property investors – we’d love to own as many properties as possible,” says Karen. “Around 20 would be great but there’s no limit.”

“The drive to become investors came about after we read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in April this year. It was a real eye opener about how our money could work for us. It all snowballed from there and we bought our first investment in June this year.”

Karen is an Executive Assistant while Leonard is a Business Development Manager and Esplanade is their first foray into real estate.

“We’re first home buyers,” Karen says. “We plan to live in this apartment for around two or three years before turning it into an investment property. This apartment is our entry into the property market.”

The couple chose to buy their first property off the plan to keep the process as simple as possible and to keep costs down.

“Because we’re first home buyers we really liked that there aren’t too many decisions to be made when you’re buying off the plan,” Karen says. “Everything was really easy and straight forward – we just had to pick a colour scheme. 

“We also wanted to keep our mortgage as small as possible and buying off the plan is a much cheaper alternative compared to buying an established house and land.

“I’ve always wanted to be a Bella Vista home owner but houses here are very expensive. We’d be looking at over $1 million. This was a much more affordable option.”

Catch more on their property investment journey here.

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