Residents of Trump Place petition to have property name changed

Residents of Trump Place petition to have property name changed
Residents of Trump Place petition to have property name changed

The Trump name is synomomous with high end apartments.

But some of the residents have had reservations of late.

Some residents in the Trump Place apartment complex, located on Manhattan's famous Upper West Side, have even petitioned to change the name of the property built by Donald Trump.

More than 360 people have signed the online petition urging landlord Equity Residential to "Dump the Trump Name."

With most of the residents facing the Hudson River, it houses more than 1300 residents and carries large gold letters spelling out the name of the property.

The signatories of the petition have asked to change the name to either 140, 160 or 180 Riverside Boulevard.

It's been argued by Linda Gottlieb, one of the residents of the building and the creator of the petition, that the Trump name doesn't represent those who live and work inside.

Their complaints since the start of Trumps presidential campaign have yielded some movement.

A member of the building's staff is said to have suggested that maintenance and concierge workers were being fitted for new uniforms that don't bear the Trump name.

One resident remarked that she signed the petition because “it’s embarrassing to tell people where you live”.

Other properties that Trump have designed includes the Trump Tower, Trump Wollman Rink and the Trump Golf Links.

Trump Tower, New York City on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, home to Donald Trump's main offices, and has also acted as the headquarters for his presidential campaign.

Completed in 1983, the tower was designed by American architect Der Scutt. It is distinguished by a stepped corner planted with trees, which manifests as a zig-zagging facade above.

Bloomberg recently compiled an extensive list of the building’s past and present occupant.

From floors 66 to 68 the Republican presidential nominee occupies the top floors of his namesake tower, hidden behind a grand entryway gilded in gold and diamonds.

The palatial penthouse, Bloomberg reports, takes a tip from Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi: “One reason Trump’s triplex is so vast, he has written, is a trip he took to...Khashoggi’s condo nearby, where he stepped into a living room bigger than his own.” Trump, who has the best temperament, wanted to level up with a Saudi arms dealer. 

On 62 and 63 is the real estate investor Guido Lombardi is a self-proclaimed Italian count and Trump supporter.

Art dealer Hillel Nahmad, of the Nahmad collecting dynasty, has been buying up apartments on the 51st floor of Trump Tower since at least 1999, when he paid $2.5 million for Unit 51J. Years, and millions, later, Nahmad amassed the entire floor for a total $18.4 million. Nahmad was sent to prison for five months in 2014 for running a high-stakes gambling ring.

For a list of the colorful characters who formerly purchased in the building, including Andrew Lloyd Weber and Haitian dictator “Baby Doc” Duvalier, read it at Bloomberg.

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