Frustrated in your hunt for your next property investment?

Frustrated in your hunt for your next property investment?
Frustrated in your hunt for your next property investment?


Australians have always had an affinity with property ownership and investment, and when you look at the statistics, it’s not hard to see why.

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Frustrated in your hunt for your next property investment?

These statistics support the common marketing thread we see in the media around the positives of property investment.  But as an existing property investor the real challenge lies in diversification. 

Diversification in property has traditionally been quite challenging. This isn’t simply due to the outlay of capital needed per purchase, it takes time, the need for investigation, viewings, auctions and then post purchase, there’s the upkeep, maintenance and management of the asset to factor in.

Obviously you can avoid most of this with a REIT or other managed fund structure but with those options you tend to sacrifice transparency and control.

Suffice to say property investment can be frustrating to say the very least. How much easier would it be to have access to an online platform that listed a variety of properties, across different states that you could easily flick through and buy a share in when it suited you?

And it wouldn’t stop there, once purchased your shares would offer monthly returns from any net rental income and regular valuations that would allow you to monitor your capital returns performance.

Undoubtedly, access and transparency would make property investment diversification far easier for both sophisticated and first time investors. And the good news is there is now a solution that offers both of these, it’s called BRICKX.

BRICKX offers every Australian access to residential property for under $100. As a BRICKX investor you can benefit from monthly rental income and/or capital returns of your investment properties without being concerned with the hassle of leasing and managing them.

Investors also have access to regular valuation updates and to each property’s historical and suburb data, and investment cases.

Learn more about BRICKX at

BRICKX products are issued by Theta Asset Management Limited (AFSL 230920). You should read the product disclosure statement at and consider whether BRICKX is right for you.  


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