Mortgage Choice delivers 10.7 percent growth in cash profit

Staff reporterAugust 24, 20160 min read
Mortgage Choice Limited has announced a 10.7 percent growth in cash profit, rising to $20.5 million, in FY16.
They recorded their best ever settlement result, with settlements totalling $12.2 billion, up 6.3 percent on FY15.
Their loan book was up 4.4 percent on FY15, pushing through the $50 billion milestone, growing to $51.7 billion.
Mortgage Choice chief executive officer John Flavell said the latest annual financial results were a testament to the ongoing strength of the business.
“Throughout FY16 the Group performed very well, achieving (or exceeding) all of the business objectives we set for ourselves,” he said.
“Better yet, our impressive business results were recorded against a backdrop of considerable economic and market volatility.
"Complexity in the market has provided a real opportunity for our business to deliver increased value to our customers through the provision of help, guidance and advice.
John said he is confident about the future direction of Mortgage Choice and believes FY17 will be a strong year for the Business.
“In FY16, we laid the foundations for a very successful future,” he said.
“We set ourselves some aggressive business targets and we met, if not exceeded, all of them.
"Heading into FY17, we will step up this momentum.
"We have identified the four key priorities for the business over the next 12 months, and we will deliver on these whilst maintaining a laser-like focus on our 2020 vision.

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