Renters overlooked in election campaign:

Renters overlooked in election campaign:
Renters overlooked in election campaign:

The vast majority of renters polled for a recent survey believe their needs have not been met by the major political parties during the election campaign.

The 2016 Federal Election survey conducted by polled 1,541 people and found 83 percent of renters feel they have not been acknowledge in the lead up to the election.

While housing affordability, health and economy featured as key priorities, Renters have called for more support, improved services, financial incentives and the recognition of renting as an accepted lifestyle choice in Australia. chief executive officer Mark Woschnak, said an upward trajectory in renter demographics, particularly in the 18-35 age range reflects a growing market, and one in need of more advocacy and recognition.

"In Australia, we appear to be at a point of increased momentum in the vocalisation of the needs of renters and we're seeing a shift from the traditional stereotypes that have existed around home ownership," he said.

"There is no doubt that an increase in housing affordability issues, job mobility, lifestyle and investment preferences, is causing this trend. 

"Our data confirms renters are tired of being viewed as second class citizens and disregarded as not having the same respect towards their property as an owner. A rental property is a person’s home and lifestyle choice. A more balanced view is required and we're committed to proactively addressing it."

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