Luke and Cody top as fourth House Rules property

Luke and Cody top as fourth House Rules property
Luke and Cody top as fourth House Rules property

The fourth house reveal on this year's Channel 7 House Rules series was Luke and brother Cody, the former owning a country cottage in Queensland.

The youngest home owner on the competition has a relatively small mortgage on his property, just $120,000.

Luke is helped by twin brother Cody, who signed up to help him transform his rundown 1940's shack.

“Realistically this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so saying no to him would just be cruel," Cody said.

"Plus I’m living in the house now so it’s a beneft to have it done up!”

Luke bought his house two years ago after saving hard while doing his electrical apprenticeship. He is now a qualified electrician.

“It was a very run down house but I saw potential in it,” he explains.

“I was renting for a year or two and it was dead money so I was wanting to see my money go towards something good.”

Cody moved in after finishing his diesel fitter apprenticeship at Toowoomba 12 months ago.

“There was no point me renting in Toowoomba as it cost a fortune and I was never there and whenever I was home I was mostly at Luke’s place anyway so I just moved in.”

The boys did make a DIY start on renovations but the ensuite only got as far as the framework and the kitchen and laundry are in dire need of a makeover.

Cody’s biggest concern with the house is its lack of insulation, suggesting it's 'bloody cold' in winter and smoking hot in the summer.

“There are holes in-between the floorboards where the breeze will come up through.”

While their dad is a builder, both boys admit renovating is still a big learning curve for them.

“The design and the prettiness we struggle with,” says Cody.

“We both want to get in and do the physical side, but I bet he’ll pull the older brother card and I’ll be sent shopping.”

Coming up with the House Rules for Luke’s place was also a bit of a struggle for the boys.

“From looking at photos we like the style of modern country but we don’t really know what it is!” says Cody.

Luke and Cody top as fourth House Rules property


“We don’t want to strip it right back to a bare shell of a house and make it look like new, we want to keep that country feel. We like that original style house,” adds Luke.

The two currently sit top of the competition.

The first couple on 2016's House Rules were Fil and Joe, who have a 1950's weatherboard house in Melbourne.

The second house transformed on air on this seasons House Rules was South Australian parents Michelle and Brooke.

The third house renovated on this year's House Rules series was Team NSW Nancy and Daniel, who's rundown 60's house lies halfway between their parent's homes.

Luke and Cody top as fourth House Rules property

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