Experience the key for House Rules couple Fil and Jo

Experience the key for House Rules couple Fil and Jo
Experience the key for House Rules couple Fil and Jo

The first couple on 2016's House Rules were Fil and Joe, who have a 1950's weatherboard house in Melbourne.

Their mortgage is $568,000, which will be their prize if they win the Channel 7 competition.

During their 22 years of marriage, the pair have renovated several houses together.

The oldest team in the competition, Melbourne’s Fil and Joe bring with them a wealth of experience.

“Our first renovation was a 1920s Californian bungalow more than 20 years ago,” says Joe, who counts painting as his biggest strength.

“It’s a cycle; we buy a house, we change it, we look at it and go, ‘Let’s sell it! It’s time to move on.’”

But Fil, 45, and Joe, 48, bit of more than they could chew when they bought their current 1950s weatherboard.

It’s practically unliveable and a giant mortgage has left them with no money for renovations.

“The kitchen isn’t workable, the roof has holes in it and the ceiling leaks,” Joe says.

The whole kitchen slopes on an angle, which means every minute we’re walking through we have to close the drawers as they continuously fall open.

The home has a view from the deck where you can see the river.

Fil, who currently works at a wooden toy store, has a keen eye for design and spends her spare time reading design magazines.

She’s hoping House Rules will be the catalyst for turning her hobby to a career. “I’m hoping to start a new phase in my life. I would love to do this full time.”

Joe, an accountant, will be keeping a close eye on both the budget and Fil, who admits she’s a keen shopper. 

The second house transformed on air on this seasons House Rules was South Australian parents Michelle and Brooke.

The third house renovated on this year's House Rules series was Team NSW Nancy and Daniel, who's rundown 60's house lies halfway between their parent's homes.

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