Which home lenders have cut since the May RBA decision?

Jonathan ChancellorMay 9, 20160 min read

Over a third of all lenders have now confirmed they will be cutting their variable rates for Australian home owners, with some of the smaller lenders offering up never before seen rates as low as 3.61 percent, according to ratecity.com.au.

Homestar Finance has reduced its lowest variable rate to just 3.61 percent (comparison rate of 3.65 percent) while Reduce Home Loans’ lowest offering is now 3.65 per cent (comparison rate of 3.66 percent).

Sally Tindall, money editor at RateCity.com.au, says that rates under 4 percent would become increasingly more common.

“Right now there are around 20 lenders offering rates for owner-occupiers under 4 percent, with some reducing their lowest variables to never seen before lows,” she said.

“Any owner-occupier paying over the 4.5 percent mark would have to seriously question the product they are on.”

While a number of lenders were making history with their record-busting rates, there are almost 70 lenders yet to declare their hand.

“Some lenders are still being extremely tight-lipped about whether or not they’ll pass on this cut,” she said.

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Source Ratecity.com.au 

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