Smart cities are sustainable cities: Green Buildings Council

Smart cities are sustainable cities: Green Buildings Council
Smart cities are sustainable cities: Green Buildings Council

The Australian Government’s new Smart Cities Plan has been given the green light from the Green Buildings Council of Australia who believe the  priority will be placed on investments that improve environmental outcomes, with the Australian Government promises to encourage the use of rating systems such as Green Star.

Green Building Council of Australia chief executive officer Romilly Madew, said living in the century of the city – and this demands fresh thinking, smart policy and committed political leaders.

“The Smart Cities Plan acknowledges that Green Star can improve the sustainability, quality and efficiency of buildings and precincts… what we’d like to see are clear commitments to ensure sustainability is a central pillar of any City Deal project around the nation," she said

“Put simply, cities can’t be ‘smart’ if they aren’t sustainable. The Prime Minister has repeatedly said his government wants to be a ‘partner, supporter and collaborator’ in the development of cities – something the industry has been calling for over many years – and the signs so far are very promising.

“Industry called for a federal minister for cities for many years – and we got one. We have called for strong, integrated policies that deliver solutions to the social, economic and environmental challenges we face as a nation."

 The Living Future Institute of Australia (LFIA) has launched the Brickworks Living Building Challenge design competition, pressing the go button for designers, built environment professionals and students around the world to conceptualise what the world's most sustainable retail centre ought look like. For more information, download our eBook here.

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