Be sure to get what you paid for!

Be sure to get what you paid for!
Be sure to get what you paid for!


If you have bought an off-the-plan property, assessing that property post construction is an important part of the settlement process.

Of course, you want to ensure that the property you agreed to purchase is the same that is being delivered so that you’re getting what you’re paying for!

The most cost effective way to make sure your property is delivered just as your purchase contract promised, is to have your contract documentation reviewed and the property physically inspected and assessed by an appropriately qualified Building Consultant.

An NBtax Condition Assessment, completed by a Napier & Blakeley Building Consultant will take note of the ‘as built finish’ of your property. From our initial review of purchase documentation, contract of sale, agreed finishes and specifications, we have a unique understanding of what was agreed to be built.

We will inspect your property on your behalf, asses and document the condition of the finishes within the property, good or bad.

Following an inspection a Condition Assessment will be completed by NBtax and will provide a concise summary of the condition of the property. It will list defects that the developer and or builder should address to deliver the property that is consistent with expectations, including but not always limited to, the agreed plans and specifications, good building practice and expected industry standard.

Our assessment will give you a clear understanding of any potential issues or defects before you take possession, move in or put the property up for lease.  It also gives you peace of mind, providing you with a document that will ensure agreed items between you, the purchaser, and the vendor are installed or rectified prior to settlement.

The best time to have a Condition Assessment completed is as close as possible to the planned settlement date. It is important to note that you still have a contractual obligation to settle your purchase on time. However, under normal circumstances having a condition assessment completed on your property will make you a more informed purchaser and provide you with a written report to enable you to highlight to the developers identifying items requiring attention.

This service is especially valuable to those offshore purchasers who are not present at the time of settlement. We are able to act on their behalf during settlement inspections to ensure relevant conditions are met within the sale contract.

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