Tony Abbott enters negative gearing debate

Tony Abbott enters negative gearing debate
Tony Abbott enters negative gearing debate

Malcolm Turnbull's tax change options have been narrowed by what the Canberra press gallery has dubbed as the dramatic partyroom intervention of Tony Abbott.

Some MPs believe it is now "practically impossible" for Turnbull to move on negative gearing in any way, now that Abbott has so clearly positioned himself.

It has been suggested Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been corralled by his predecessor, Tony Abbott. 

The opposition leapt on Abbott's re-engagement, depicting it as a strategic "shirt-fronting" of a weakened Prime Minister by his predecessor.

The Age suggested Scott Morrison was caught in the middle haing previously referred to "excesses" in the negative gearing policy.

One MP said it was apparent that Abbott had come prepared - even testing election lines, which Turnbull would have no trouble using if he backs no increases. These were: a tax on super is an attack on elderly Australians; a tax on capital gains is an attack on battlers trying to get ahead; and, a tax on negative gearing is an attack on families.

Praising what he called Mr Turnbull's "brilliant" campaign against Labor's negative gearing changes, he warned the party room colleagues: "We can't go down this path ourselves."

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