Litchfield's 150th Hazeldean celebrations

Litchfield's 150th Hazeldean celebrations
Litchfield's 150th Hazeldean celebrations

The weekend was a significant one for the Litchfield family of Hazeldean, 150 years since James Litchfield established Hazeldean on the Monaro.

Now into the sixth generation of Litchfields at Hazeldean, this year's 150th Anniversary Hazeldean Ram Sale was held on Saturday October 31. 

In 1865 James Litchfield founded the Hazeldean Merino Stud on Rambouillet bloodlines. The Hazeldean Angus stud was then added into the mix in 1952.

Jim Litchfield said in a specially produced video that he was "very proud" of his families long history and "amazed" they are still running the same flock.

Earlier this year The Land reported the reason for the longevity of the family business was a mixture of innovation, while simultaneously identifying and avoiding the fads and trends that come along at regular intervals; hard work, and remaining hands-on in the operation of the business.

He noted also that having a close family over several generations that was committed to seeing the business maintain it's scale and viability was integral as well.

Taking up the role of stud sheep overseer, Bea Litchfield returned home in 2015 to Hazeldean after four years studying B. Ag. Sci at UNE and Sydney University. She has spent time in Canada and worked on RA Brown Ranch in Texas. 

Libby Litchfield is responsible for cattle registrations and data submission.

He said the employees of Hazeldean had also had a major impact. 

"We are enjoying a very good year on the Monaro," he added.

Hazeldean has three properties in New South Wales, two in the Monaro region of south eastern NSW near the town of Cooma Hazeldean and Myalla and the other in the Riverina district near the town of Hay, called Rosevale.

Cooma is the headquarters of the business and holds the main breeding unit for Hazeldean Angus and Hazeldean Merinos.

The Riverina property, Rosevale, also contains a breeding herd of Hazeldean Angus and a branch of the Hazeldean Merino stud flock.

Rosevale is also the breeding base for Hazeldean Senegus.


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