Meet The Block Octagonal contestants

Meet The Block Octagonal contestants
Meet The Block Octagonal contestants

The new season of The Block debuts on Channel 9 in a likely late August launch.

Block co-creator and Executive Producer, Julian Cress, said the new challenge should be called “The Block Sky Higher”, turning Melbourne’s ugly duckling (the octagonal shaped Hotel Saville) into a high-end apartment complex.

“More architecturally challenging than anything we have ever attempted, this Block is taking renovating to a whole new level,”  Cress said.

Built as a giant octagon in the mid-1960s, the former Hotel Saville in South Yarra is all edges and angles, with not a square room in sight.

It’s a challenge to give the most qualified builders and interior designers sleepless nights.

These are the new contestants.

Kingi and Caroline (31)

Kingi, a renderer, and Caroline, a cheerleading life motivator, are married with a 3 year old.

Hailing from Townsville, the couple says they are determined to make their mark on The Block this year.

“We’re quick learners. If we don’t know how to do something, we’re both very good at researching it and figuring out how to do things,” Caro said.

“We both don’t like being only OK or average at things. You’ve got to do your homework to be good at something.”

While not new to the renovation game, The Block is still a large step up from renovating their three-bedroom home.

Will these Townsville terrors knock-down or rebuild their Blockhead neighbours? Stay tune to find out.


Whitney and Andrew (29)

Beauty therapist Whitney and partner Andrew, a formworker met as most modern-day lovers do, on Tinder.

“What initially attracted me to Whitney was her big heart. The best thing about our relationship is that we just love to laugh,” Andrew said.

The pair liken themselves to Block favourites Bec and George, or Gav and Waz, because “we like to have a laugh”.

“There might be tears and a few hard moments, but all we need to do is look at each other and laugh.”

Whitney’s always ready for a laugh, but the Foreman Keith might need to keep a box of tissues on hand for Whitney as she can be prone to waterworks.

“I cry when someone upsets me or hurts my feelings, but if someone was to upset Andrew I’d get really angry,” she said.

Though wildly under-experienced in renovating – the most they’ve done is prettying up two beauty salons on a limited budget – they say being Melburnians at least gives them some kind of  advantage.

Will Whitney and Andrews designs make the judges “Swipe Right”?


Suellen (44) and Yvonne (39)

With Suzi the Real Estate agent and Personal Trainer Voni, it’s going to be hard for the Blockheads to keep up with these gung-ho single mums form the Gold Coast.

Best friends for 16 years, these assertive, strong, yet glamorous women are unlike any contestants before them.

“Suzi and I make light of most scenarios and laugh off most things. I think that’s a good way to look at life.

“If you get too serious, how boring, and no one wants to spend time around someone like that,” Voni said.

Controversially, they plan on committing a Block cardinal sin: both going shopping at the same time, leaving no one on-site to oversee the build.

They say it’ll be faster than sending photos to each other back at the Octagon, and the constant phone calls.

While they have little renovation experience (“I’ve probably changed a few light bulbs and put some handles on doors,” Suzi giggles, (and Voni has painted the odd feature wall) these dynamos should never be pigeonholed.


Luke (29) and Ebony (24)

The Busselton brother and sister from Triple Threat are back to have another crack.

Carpenter Luke and Interior Designer Ebony had fans shattered when the siblings were eliminated from the teams trying out for last season.

The loveable westerners won many fans with their good humour and relaxed nature.

“I never got any of that resentment or jealousy from not getting on the show,” Luke said, with Ebony adding, “It was great to cheer on the guys and see how they went.”

They say their design style is perhaps most in line with Michael and Carlene’s from The Block Glasshouse.

“I loved a lot of their glam approach to The Block. It was really different and not the standard industrial style you see all the time,” Ebony notes.

Will these second-chance siblings have it this next time around?


Shay (29) and Dean (30)

Newcastle locals Shay, a high-school teacher, and Dean, an electrician, met in high school and are still crazy about each other.

A Year 9-12 English and drama teacher, Shay wears her heart on her sleeve, is passionate and outspoken, but is fundamentally a dreamer.

Dean is more likely to sit back, survey a situation and come up with a plan that works.

But it’s this difference in their personalities that makes them work so well as a team.

The duo are long-time Block fans and can’t quite believe they are finally getting their shot at the reality dream.

“We watched the show from the first season in Bondi and always thought this is something we wanted to do. It’s incredible to finally get a chance,” Shay said.

They are putting themselves through The Block wringer for their two year old daughter Everly.

The pair want to make a “tree change” and buy some land near Newcastle where they can grow their own food as well as a family.

Given their wish to be surrounded by trees, it’s not surprising that their style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian designs.

“We want a space to be comfortable and warm, but also look good,” Shay said.

Will the Newie newbies be the next wipe-outs or winners?

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