Australia the world’s “greenest” real estate market

Australia the world’s “greenest” real estate market
Australia the world’s “greenest” real estate market

Australia and New Zealand have been given the title of the world’s greenest real estate markets by the latest Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark list.

As in previous years, Australia/New Zealand was crowned the “leading region”, with Australian companies ISPT and Lend Lease named “global sector leaders”.

The report found that 70% of Australian and New Zealand participants were in the highest quadrant. In North America and Asia this figure dropped to 32%, while in Europe this totalled 35%.

Green Building Council of Australia chief executive Romilly Madew said that green building is the world’s fastest growing industry, with Australia leading the way.

“The report underscores our regional leadership in sustainability, and serves as a reminder of why Australia is one of the best real estate markets in which to invest,” said Madew.

“Australia's real estate sector is demonstrating that it has a long-term commitment to sustainability that stretches far beyond this financial year or this electoral cycle,” she said.

The sustainability report was established in 2009. The latest analysis looked at data from 637 listed property companies and private equity estate funds. This covers 56,000 buildings valuing a total US$2.1 trillion.

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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