Chinese snap up Barossa Valley Chateau Yaldara winery

Chinese snap up Barossa Valley Chateau Yaldara winery
Chinese snap up Barossa Valley Chateau Yaldara winery

A Chinese-owned, South Australian-based company has paid about $15.5 million for the Yaldara Winery, one of the most picturesque and attractive wine tourist destinations in South Australia.

Two senior winemakers will be retained to help retain the quality of vineyard’s ports and sherries during the transition.

The sale is reliant on new owners, 1847 Winery, receiving a liquor licence for the chateau.

It was founded by the Hermann Thumm in 1947 after he emigrated in 1946.

The Lyndoch location was chosen on the banks of the North Para River at an old flour mill dating back to 1867.

The winery was named Yaldara after the local aboriginal word meaning "sparkling". After over 50 years ownership Hermann Thumm sold the winery in 1999 to the wine company McGuigan Wines, the latest vendors.

The 1847 company reportedly secured its initial SA operation from the former international businessman, John Curnow, and his wife, Sue. It was at Rowland Flat in the Barossa, with the niche brand 1847 Fine Wines, named after the original survey date of the property.

The Curnow's pursued the Chinese investor market through the Gaetjens Langley Guangzhou office before its 2011 sale.

Arthur Wang, a resident of Sydney with property interests in both Sydney and Qingdao, struck a deal for the walk in-walk out sale of 1847 which was featured on the cover of Valuer & Broker in mid-2011.

John Curnow family continues to consult to the business. 

Officially 1847 is owned by Zhitai Wang and Kuifen Wang from Adelaide’s sister city Qingdao, in Shandong province in China.

The McGuigan's will concentrate on building sales in its McGuigan, Tempus Two and Nepenthe brands.

Picture courtesy of Graeme Churcharda/ CC BY 2.0.

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