Selling Houses Australia now filming 2015 season

Selling Houses Australia now filming 2015 season
Selling Houses Australia now filming 2015 season

The Lifestyle Channel’s Selling Houses Australia will return next year, with filming currently taking place.

It seems filming for the new season began at the start of this month, with host Andrew Winters tweeting the following:

Selling Houses Australia now filming 2015 season

As always, the locations for the new season are a tightly held secret, but Winters offers a little clue with this tweet:

Selling Houses Australia now filming 2015 season

Winter, along with interior designer and The Block judge Shaynna Blaze and landscape designer Charlie Albone, will be helping home owners who are desperate to sell their properties, which might be struggling to attract buyers due to poor staging, bad conditions or the sellers’ attitudes.

Winter has been in the real estate business since he was 17, selling homes in Central London and Australia and imported his television franchise from England, where he was the host of Selling Houses – he was also the host of another spin off, Selling Houses Abroad.

Blaze is also a familiar face in renovation reality TV as a judge on The Block, with Belle Magazine editor-in-chief Neale Whittaker and interior designer Darren Palmer. Not to be beaten by Winter and Blaze, Albone has hosted other Lifestyle Channel shows including The Party Garden and Charlie and the Flower Show.

Selling Houses Australia makes a point of tackling particularly difficult to sell houses, including the three bedroom apartment of boilermaker Robert Crispe, which even Winter couldn’t  help - the home failed to sell at its filmed auction. 

If you have a home you’re hoping to offload, applications for the show are open through the Lifestyle Channel’s website.

The application reads:

“Can't sell your home and need a makeover from the team? We want to hear from you!

“Selling Houses Australia are always searching for homes that will offer fresh challenges for the team. They've been hit with just about every real estate nightmare from on site pylons to flood affected homes, to inner city hovels but there are always more testing property scenarios out there and more home owners in unique circumstances.

“So, if your home is stagnating on the market with no buyer in sight then register now. Try to be as specific as possible with your dilemma whether it be location, décor, or an urgent need for a sale.

“Please note: your house must be on the market to qualify and must remain on the market after the makeover until it sells."

Applicants are asked to provide their contact details, descriptions of their home and its selling history (including the time it’s been on market, the agent’s details and the house price). They are also asked whether they are Foxtel subscribers. 

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