Five-year goals the secret to success: Smartline

If you’ve already packed in your 2014 resolutions then there may just be hope yet, with Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers saying that, in fact, it’s the longer term goals we make that are most important.

Noting that you should have a five-year goal and an action plan for property, they said that mid-term goals force you to stay on track and that observation of clients had found five-year goals to be the best approach.

“While it is true that patience can be a virtue, this shouldn’t be confused with just waiting for something good to happen,” Smartline’s executive director, Joe Sirianni, said.

With many financial goals being short term, such as wanting to buy a house, a few are also very long term, such as wanting five investment properties in 25 years.

“Five-year goals require an ongoing commitment to ensure they are achieved, but the end result doesn’t feel like it’s going to take forever to achieve – the finish line is not that far away,” Sirianni said.

Five-year goals may be buying two investment properties, or reducing debt over the period, or substantial renovations.

So, think to yourself, where do you want to be this time in 2019?

Let us know what your goals are.

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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