Understand parking by-laws before inviting your guests: Archers

It’s almost time for your New Year’s Eve celebrations and you’ve kindly allowed friends and relatives to come and visit. Unfortunately, parking is set to become a problem – particularly in busy Sydney and other bustling cities.

For unit and townhouse owners and residents, understanding the by-laws in the complex is crucial before you start handing out permission to park.

Frustration around car spaces is common in holiday season as more people come to visit, explained Archers Body Corporate Management’s senior body corporate manager, Grant Mifsud.

“There are no specific laws regarding the duration of a stay in visitor parking areas, so it’s your responsibility to check with your Body Corporate whether or not there are agreed rules for your complex,” Mifsud said.

IF: Your strata scheme has visitor parking/shared spaces for residents and guests

- Take note of time limits

- Ensure you aware of any other restrictions (times of day or night for guests)

IF: There are restrictions on the length of time for guests to park

- Obey the rules or

- Ask in advance for special permission from Body Corporate to extend the stay of an authorised vehicle

IF: There are no guidelines

- If your guest intends to use the space for more than a couple of days, send a letter around to the neighbours (with the registration number and your contact details)

- Leave a note on the windshield of the car explaining the situation


- Ensure you only park in dedicated spaces

- If someone else is breaking the rules, leave them a note letting them know

- Do not use another residents’ car spot without asking for permission

- Let residents know when you’ll be away so they can use your space

Source: Archers Body Corporate Management



Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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