Big, bold and making a statement: The next big thing for wallpaper

Property interiors say a lot about our personalities, so it's no surprising that this next style will be loved by some, and hated by others.

Tweeted out by Renovating for Profit's Cherie Barber, this "statement" wallpaper is loud, bold and almost other worldly. While opinions among the Property Observer team were split, it's clear it's a love it or hate it situation.

She's not the only one asking and talking about bright wallpaper that have now come back into fashion. Here's some more discussion from the Twittersphere.

And in case you're not too comfortable with the concept of statement wallpaper, then one Tweet hands out a pretty helpful guide.

If you want something as funky as that in Barber's tweet, we recommend Yiying Lu's Walls360, as a headnod back to Twitter (Lu designed the Twitter failwhale). She designs wall graphics that can be cityscapes, cartoons or games.

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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