Should owners be in the real estate photos?

After yesterday's story about whether certain more 'artistic' styles of photography worked for selling real estate, we had a reader email in about a property in Newee Creek, NSW. The property sold earlier this month (for $238,000, according to RP Data), and included a number of photographs of bamboo. Including this one below.


Yes, that's possibly the biggest bamboo we've seen too. We think that's the owner.


We're not quite sure who this is. The photo came from the advertising for a Queensland property we'd spoken about in an earlier story.


We're not quite sure who this is either.

It has been a source of discussion over whether you should keep photos of your family around the property for open homes - apparently, if buyers come in and see a family that doesn't match up to their own, then they may think the property doesn't suit them. So should you consider putting the owner in the actual listing photos? Even if it is to provide perspective to some pretty amazing bamboo?


Interestingly, the consensus of yesterday's poll is that close ups, and certain lifestyle photos, can actually work, with 78.4% voting positively.


And, in fact, since yesterday we've seen another property use this advertising technique.

Sydney-based photographer Ja Worsley told Property Observer his own thoughts.

"Interesting; in a way they can, but only if aimed at a select market who happen to have similar tastes and if you are not in for a quick sale," said Worsley.

"The Javanese Buddah would put a huge portion of the market off for religious ideas. However... The ocean views would appeal to many. The artistic view of the garden is a great seller- but any horticulturist worth a damn, would see through this and automatically question garden upkeep," he said.

"So while yes they can help sell a property, you really have to be carefull employing them in your sale technique. A couple showing a relaxed lifestyle can be a positive perspective- but balance is the key."

He said that with more real estate agents employing professional photographers, largely realising that taking their own snaps won't cut it, there are misunderstandings that are becoming an issue. He said that many agents expect the 'top of the line camera', such as a Canon 1Dx or 5D mk-III.

"What is the use of having a 40+ megapixel camera taking 8x9 sized pictures that sit in a window? A 6.2 megapixel camera is just as capable of doing this work- you would only need more pixels if you were blowing the picture up to billboard size... And so few property pictures ever get that big," he said.

So we look towards these photos that take a slightly more unusual approach by bringing pets and people into the photographs (just have a look at the images below for some examples).

Children-friendly homes



The pets make an entrance





Cute. But do they help you sell the home?


    Jennifer Duke

    Jennifer Duke

    Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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