The case for spending money when you sell

It's becoming increasingly common that people get to a point where they say they don't want to spend another dollar to sell their property, according to our tweet of the day from Home Staging Brisbane's Imogen Brown.

She presents her case as to why sometimes it's worth a little bit more of an outlay.

"Either they bought 8 years ago and the price has come down, or they’ve bought off plan and the same has happened or they’ve bought as an investment and rented the property at a loss and the house is still worth less. Coming from this place a client will be averse to spending money on repairs, or repainting or upgrading fixtures or flooring," Brown writes.

"They will be tempted to go the ‘For sale by owner’  or 0% commission or low commission route. They will want to list and see, not spend money on  a marketing campaign."

She presents her case against this attitude in her blog.

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