WA FHOGs up for grabs as new grants face delay

The current First Home Buyers Grant (FHOG) in Western Australia is still on the table for potential first-home buyers, as the bill is yet to be passed by parliament, according to REIWA.

“The state government announced changes to the FHOG in the August budget and was aiming for September 15 as the change-over date, but parliament has not yet fully processed this legislation so the change now looks like happening in October,” says REIWA president David Airey.

First home buyers are currently eligible for a grant of $7,000 whether they buy an established home or build a new one.

Once the bill is passed, the grant for established homes will drop to $3,000 and those building a new home will be eligible for $10,000.

Airey says the delay in the grant change is good news for the 70% of home buyers who preferred to purchased existing, older homes rather than building new homes.

“The current delay in the change means that first home buyers looking for an established property have a few more weeks to access the higher grant and, conversely, those who want to buy a block and build will be likely to hold back until the grant lifts to $10,000,” says Airey.

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Nicola Trotman

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