The 26 retail experts set to tell Australian landlords about the ever changing retail landscape

Over 100 industry leaders will speak at the upcoming Australia's Online Retailer Conference & Expo.

Australia's Online Retailer Conference & Expo, to be held at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre in Sydney starting August 19, is marketed as the industry's premier showcase for the latest in eCommerce technology, digital marketing and e-retailing solutions.

Property Observer has compiled a list of many of the retail industry leaders along with their Twitter handles for readers who are interested in the retail outlook :

Bernard Luthi – @BernardLuthi

Erin Lubelsky - @elubes

Jay Basnight – @JayBasnight

Ross Kramer – @Ross_Kramer

Lauren Freedman – @etailinggroup

Adrian Salamunovic – @king_of_canvas

Jim Okamura – @jimokamura

Rob Sieracki – @RobertClicks

Rob Schmults – @schmults

Tom Allason – @Tomall

Mark Capps – @ausmark

Matt Newell – @mattnewell_live

Chaminda Ranasinghe – @cranasin

Steven Noble – @steven_noble

Grant Arnott – @grantarnott

Jethro Marks – @jethrom

Mark Bouris – @markbouris

Daniel Jarosch – @danomyte

Justus Wilde – @JustusWilde

Stephen Foxworthy – @stephfox

Adriane McDermott – @brandcrafter

Brock Douglas – @brock_douglas

Rod Jacka – @rodjacka

Sarah Mitchell – @globalcopywrite

Troy Townsend – @troytownsend1

John Winning – @WinningJohn

Nathan Huppatz – @huppy

Jason Mun – @jasonmun


For more more information and opening times, visit:

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