Investorist website links residential developers with off the plan marketers

Investorist, a new business-to-business (B2B) website has been launched linking up marketers and developers of off-the-plan residential projects with estate agents, buyers agents and other professionals recommending residential investments to their clients.

Already boasting a third of Victoria’s off the plan property projects, Investorist has ambitions to be the largest aggregation of off the plan property in Australia by 2014.


Investorist makes it possible for developers and project marketers ('sellers' according to the site's terminology) to network and transact directly with registered 'network partners' - those estate agents and buyers' agents seeking off-the-plan apartments for their clients.

Sellers can list stock available for sale with prices, commissions, contract details and track deals from reservation to settlement.

There are also tools to track the overall progress of a sales campaign, cashflow generated and commission payments.

Sellers can also choose to invite their own contacts and filter the network partners they want to access their stock based on feedback ratings, transaction history, geography and commissions.

Network partners can search across projects according to their requirements, send selections to their clients and negotiate direclty with sellers.

Members of the public can also undertake searches with access to limited project information and contact details of the seller.

The website has been created by off the plan property marketing specialist Jon Ellis, whose previous roles have included being marketing manager at listed developer Mirvac Group.

Ellis says the idea of the website is to facilitate direct communication in the promotion and selling of residential developments by breaking down all previously existing barriers between sellers and network partners.

At launch the platform has 90 off the plan projects listed with almost one third of Victoria’s off the plan property market listed on Investorist.

Companies that have signed on including CBRE, Australand, Knight Frank, BPM, AXF Group, salvo Property Group and Crown Group.

Until the end of August, sellers and network partners will be able to register and transact on the Investorist platform for free. 

After that, a $25 per transaction fee for every property reservation will apply.

Larry Schlesinger

Larry Schlesinger

Larry Schlesinger was a property writer at Property Observer

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