Drama on the residential property front although Dan and Dani quietly spend their proceeds

It was certainly a drama packed week on the property front - more so in the court rooms than the auction rooms and television screens.

The least histrionics actually came from reality television stars, Dan and Dani who've bought a Melbourne house with their $448,000 The Block South Melbourne and $220,000 The Block Allstars Bondi proceeds.

One that needs little work, albiet presumably without foreman Keith and a television crew being omnipresent.

Dan and Dani (pictured below), who were last spotted looking around the Melbourne suburb of Kingsville, merely tweeted their acquisition without fanfare.


Since appearing on The Block, both Dani and Dan have been bitten by the renovating bug and have set up their own design blog, the Home Journal, as well as The Red Door Project, a renovation, property development and interior design business.

There certainly weren't any tweets from the international film star Toni Collette about her recent property journey. (And she actually scrapped her short sojourn on twitter in April finding it a distraction from life.)

But rather emails that emerged in the NSW Supreme Court case with Toni Collette trying to minimise the $830,000 plus damages bill for not proceeding with a hefty $6.3 million Paddington terrace (pictured below) purchase which was then sold at a reduced price.

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She apparently wasn't pleased to be the "poster child for the fabricated state of the housing market" when details of her desired Bronte departure for Paddington were made public in the media.

She claimed her McGrath estate agent had "enticed" her and her musician husband David Galafassi into listing Bronte with $4 million hopes but then had the price quoted as $3.5 million when it hit the media.

Margie Blok, the then SMH Title Deeds columnist, first advised in November 2011 that the entertainment industry couple's circa 1885 weatherboard cottage at Bronte had been listed for auction "with price hopes of about $3.5 million – despite the couple paying $4.4 million for it in 2009." It was accompanied by the understated heading At Bronte where Blok politely noted the "current market conditions" and also that "Collette and Galafassi are prepared to cop a loss."

Title Tattle subsequently wrote on Property Observer with the blunter headline, Toni Collette set to cop $900,000 loss as Bronte cottage renovation plans shelved.

Annette Sharp's Sydney Confidential in The Daily Telegraph then broke the story that the entertainment couple were off to Paddington as the reason behind seeking to sell Bronte.

It seems it all upset Collette who emailed another McGrath agent that  "she (the agent) broke all kinds of confidentiality agreements. You know that I am an extremely private person and am never one to get in bed with the media."

Ofcourse Title Tattle recalls her Paddington purchase was not only pricey - but on the wrong side of Paddington too given the all important Oxford Street southern and psychology divide.

Collette sought the shift as her rebuilding quotes on their Bronte home "blew out by millions."

And of course who really knows the cost of renovation?

Certainly not one of contestant couples on Channel 7's new House Rules program.

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One couple estimated their cement bill as set to come in at $10,000, but it worked out as $600 or something like that.

Watching the cement flooring dry wasn't rivetting television which is why the series ended up with weakening ratings.

It launched at 803 ,000 and end up Thursday night at 687,000.

Their big rival, Channel 9's The Block Sky High has interestingly showed no shyness on its price expectations for the whole floor auctions of their South Melbourne apartments.

They typically keep such things, and most journalists, tightly under wraps until best suits, so Title Tattle was intrigued to hear host Scott Cam say they were "million plus partments."

And then it was noted given houses fetch $5 million in the vicinity they will be seeking as loftier prices as possible.

Meeting sky high expectations will be a huge ask as the local agents tell Title Tattle they sense a big challenge. Its not prestigous St Kilda Road.

They will need five high-flying Porche driving entreprenuers or maybe retirees who don't mind a stroll to the Mastery by Crown Group shops.




Jonathan Chancellor

Jonathan Chancellor

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