Dog lovers show off their amazing kennels: Eight dog houses for spoilt pooches

Dog lovers show off their amazing kennels: Eight dog houses for spoilt pooches
Dog lovers show off their amazing kennels: Eight dog houses for spoilt pooches

As the Dog Lover’s Show kicks off in Melbourne today, Property Observer looks at some of the most eccentric kennels to the basic do-it-yourself kennels. 

To start off with a bang, we’ll start with the most eccentric and even most ridiculous kennel owned by none other than Paris Hilton herself.

Hilton’s doggy-house or miniature mansion (pictured below) cost $325,000 and was designed to resemble Hilton’s own home.


The two-storey dog mansion features an air conditioner, designer furniture and the upstairs bedroom even includes a wardrobe.

Coming in second place is Rachel Hunter’s £25,000 doghouse (pictured below) that was designed to resemble her Californian mansion.


Just some of the facilities include running water and furniture.

If you’re into spoiling your pooches you can have a custom designed doghouse (pictured below) by Alan Mowrer for $25,000.


He arranges a consultation with his clients to discuss architectural preferences and landscape ideas.

His custom-made houses include running water, lighting, air condition and a heater.

The Notre Palais (pictured below) was created by Barbara Thulin-Joyce and can be yous for $3,400.


It has been made from a vintage radio frame that has been converted into a pet bed.

The Royal Cabana (pictured below) – built was Charles Blackhawk - will set you back $1,500.


If your pooch is royalty in your eyes, you can have their name bejeweled in Swarovski Crystals to adorn the entrance.

If you want your doghouse to compliment your living room, you can opt for a Townhaus Dog Crate (pictured below).


These crates blend in with your furniture and can be used as a side table.

Townhaus Dog Crate’s range in price from $450 to $550.

Struggling for space? Why not incorporate your doghouse into your home?

The Style Craft Homes has featured a doghouse (pictured below) built into the stairwell to maximise space-conscious homes.


Back to basics, Mitre 10 has a guide to DIY dog kennels that won’t hurt your pocket.

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