2015 ushers in changes at Urban.com.au

2015 ushers in changes at Urban.com.au
2015 ushers in changes at Urban.com.au

Welcome back to all our readers as we begin another year at Urban.com.au. The team have been hard at work over the festive season, facilitating a number of changes that will be borne out during the early stages of 2015 which are designed to take the website to a new level.

First and foremost you may have noticed a new domain name, with urban.melbourne our new address. Coupled with our rolling out of offtheplan.melbourne in the not too distant future, we are fully embracing the recent release of .melbourne top level domains. As a matter of course all existing site pages, links and bookmarks for the previously used urbanmelbourne.info will continue to work; they'll just be redirected to the new domain.

The front page too will be sporting a new look in the coming days, designed to make navigation of the website (particularly for new visitors) a far easier task. Articles will be categorised as before, although a new category titled Urban Living will appear and showcase the newest and best apartment projects currently on offer in Melbourne. This category will tie in with our new Off The Plan section which aims to highlight current apartment projects, some of which will appear on Urban.com.au before any other retail apartment sales source thanks to our partnership with My Real Estate Mate under the Apartment Register banner.

Perhaps most exciting of all changes is the creation of the Urban.com.au Photo Wall which we expect will bring together some of the very best talent that Melbourne has to offer by way of photographers. Currently in development, the Urban.com.au Photo Wall will tie in with our Visual Melbourne category and provide a platform where many of the exceptional websites out there providing high quality, daily updated photos concerning all things Melbourne will be visible on the one page. It's envisaged that there will be approximately a dozen different feeds initially into the Urban.com.au Photo Wall, allowing for multiple daily updates.

Urban.com.au also now has a comprehensive database of all existing Melbourne buildings over 12 levels, along with hundreds of ancillary buildings in tow. We will gradually roll these entries into an expanded Project Database which by our reckoning will be the most comprehensive database of Melbourne buildings there is. While providing up to date tracking of Melbourne's current projects, the Project Database will also act as an invaluable research source for those readers requiring detailed data on any given building.

Last but not least Urban.com.au will also ramp up our video content throughout 2015 in a joint effort with My Real Estate Mate in order to provide regular, easy to view insights into apartment projects, apartment buying, apartment living or simply anything Melbourne. As was stated during late 2014 we aim to provide higher levels of service to urbanists who are looking to buy in the Melbourne apartment market. Our clear aim is to cater for the apartment buyer, the industry related professional and the casual observer, but not at the cost of the day to day content which is the basis of Urban.com.au's success.

January will feature an abbreviated level of content as many people are still enjoying well earned holidays no doubt, with February the point at which the website will be back to full publishing capacity.

Here's to a successful 2015!


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