From Mark Bouris to John Symond: Property market gurus glorified in website marketing gimmick

From Mark Bouris to John Symond: Property market gurus glorified in website marketing gimmick
From Mark Bouris to John Symond: Property market gurus glorified in website marketing gimmick

Yellow Brick Road's Mark Bouris looking suave in a smoking jacket holding a martini glass.

A terrified RP Data’s Tim Lawless in roller coaster heading down the property market curve.

Westpac strategist and housing bubble denier Rory Robertson sweating inside a bubble floating above a sharpened nail.

Rismark’s Christopher Joye as Rodin’s The Thinker.

Big four bank economists Westpac’s Bill Evans, NAB’s Alan Oster, Commonwealth Bank’s Michael Blythe and ANZ’s Warren Hogan atop four Roman pillars.


John McGrath as the king with a crown, coat and sceptre.

These are just some of the 25 “star” home loan and property market gurus selected and depicted in cleverly observed cartoon format by mortgage comparison website is part of the group of financial comparison websites, which operate under umbrella company Hive Empire, set up by entrepeneurs and business partners Frank Restuccia and Fred Schebesta in 2006.

Schebesta tells Property Observer the cartoons were selected and produced in-house.

“We initially brainstormed the categories of where we saw the majority of value and commentary happening in the home loan and property market.

“After picking the categories, it was much easier to isolate our research and identify some key commentators within each category.

“After a huge amount of research, we chose to restrict our list to the commentators featured in the article but are wanting to expand the list down the track. There is so much amazing work being produced each day here in Australia, and we'd love to put in an effort to highlight more amazing property commentators.” was setup in March, 2010 following the success of another comparison website in the group,


Schebesta says what sets apart from other comparison websites is that comparisons are “contextual and supported with guides”.

In all 25 people are depicted, with caricaturea that cleverly play on the gurus' characteristics, achievements and reputations accompanied by details of their and former roles and some tongue-in-cheek insights into their successes and what has made them who they are.

Each profile includes links to the guru's Twitter feed and blog so property buyers and investors can follow their observations.

As all but a handful are regulars on Property Observer, we've tip-toed around pointing out one or two inaccuracies in their depictions.

Property market bear and University of Western Sydney’s  professor Steve Keen is depicted as lonely jogger in the desert running towards a chart showing rising prices with a note on the back of his shirt with the words: “I was wrong about housing prices” in reference to his prediction that housing prices would fall by as much as 40%.

However, does say that Keen is a good one to keep an eye on for advanced predictions about housing prices and he has some interesting views about the nature of economy and debt.

Aussie Home Loans founder John Symond, famous for his “We’ll save you” mantra and for taking on the banks, is depicted grabbing out for a battler dangling over a fiery lava pit with four ghouls (the big four banks) reaching out for him.

Weekly Property Observer commentators Michael Yardney and Catherine Cashmore are also included in cartoon format, the former as a school teacher and the latter – a play on her name - surrounded by money.

You can view all 25 cartoon depictions here.

Larry Schlesinger

Larry Schlesinger

Larry Schlesinger was a property writer at Property Observer


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