REIV calls for an independent review of Victoria’s real estate roadmap

Staff reporterSeptember 7, 20200 min read

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) has called for an independent review of the roadmap announced by the Andrews government when it comes to real estate listings. 

It labelled the Victorian government’s response as disproportionate, alarmist and short sighted. 

"There is no dispute that health and safety of the community is a priority and the roadmap out of the lockdown must ensure safety of all Victorians," the REIV advised.

"However, the path proposed jeopardises livelihoods and assets of hard-working Victorians who have abided by the rules and restrictions for over six months.

"Pushing the Victorian economy to the brink of collapse cannot be the only method of preventing the spread of coronavirus."

The REIV has criticised the lack of genuine consultation by government with business.  

"The irreversible impact of these decisions on the mental and financial well-being of ordinary people is being ignored.

"People who have saved and invested in an asset like property are unable to sell it to tide over these difficult times. 

The REIV urged the Federal government to immediately initiate an independent review of the roadmap, every Victorian is being impacted by the lack of vision and planning shown by the Andrews government.

The REIV president Leah Calnan said the decisions compounded the financial stress on Victorians and the Victorian economy. 

“We have cases being reported every day where people need to sell their property to get through these financial challenging times, and they can’t do so because the government won’t allow even a one-on-one inspection.” 


Staff reporter

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