Rockstar, auctioneer and agent Craig Rosevear leads The Agency Newcastle

Rockstar, auctioneer and agent Craig Rosevear leads The Agency Newcastle
Rockstar, auctioneer and agent Craig Rosevear leads The Agency Newcastle

Former Screaming Jets drummer, auctioneer and sales agent Craig Rosevear, aka ‘Rosie’, has taken the helm of The Agency’s Newcastle operation.

Craig Rosevear, joined by his wife Belinda, have decades of property experience between them and are much-loved local identities.

“I am so excited about Craig and Belinda Rosevear joining The Agency and representing us in Newcastle. Their varied creative talents, property market knowledge and community networks are quite extraordinary,” 
Matt Lahood, The Agency’s CEO, explains.

 “They are wonderful people with the community at heart and have been passionate about property for 20 years. Craig is an extremely talented auctioneer and licensed agent, Belinda has been successfully flipping houses for 15 years.” 

In the 90s Craig Rosevear travelled the world with the Screaming Jets, eventually landing in Los Angeles.

Two things happened when Craig and Belinda Rosevear returned to Newcastle in 2005, they set up Rosie’s School of Rock to teach young people the art of music and give them confidence in life, and they purchased their first property in Hamilton North. This was the beginning of their love affair with property. 

Rosie’s School of Rock grew to a team of 23 and became a local institution. 
Belinda Rosevear focussed on flipping Newcastle-based properties, while Craig Rosevear became a licensed agent and auctioneer in 2016, joining Damien Cooley’s highly-awarded Cooley Auctions’ team.

On top of all of this, Craig Rosevear also became a TV presenter on the 9NBN property lifestyle show, Location...Lifestyle...Living.

“Belinda and I have always been passionate about property, when Covid-19 took hold earlier in the year, we decided to close Rosie’s School of Rock and focus on real estate,” Craig Rosevear says. 

As Matt Lahood shares, the connection with Craig Rosevear was a fortuitous alignment, given Cooley Auctions became our key NSW auctioneering partner in July this year.

Rockstar, auctioneer and agent Craig Rosevear leads The Agency Newcastle

“Craig had already been calling The Agency’s Newcastle auctions for some time, he was our first choice. 
Then Damien Cooley and his team became our official auctioneering partners in July, strengthening our already close relationship with Craig.

"And now, he and Belinda will be leading The Agency sales charge and building an amazing local team!” Matt Lahood says. 

Craig and Belinda Rosevear will be focused on building The Agency brand and team in Newcastle. The duo are already in discussions with key individuals who fit the premium property market they will be targeting.

According to Craig Rosevear, it was The Agency’s positive energy, vibrancy and close-knit team that drew him and Belinda to the brand. 

“The agents connected with the brand have always seemed so supportive of each other and there’s a general ‘abundance’ mentality within the brand,” Craig Rosevear shares.

“We’re Newcastle born and bred, but having lived in Sydney and LA, we truly understand the unique appeal of where we live. In recent years Newcastle has transformed from a town to a city and I’ve never been a prouder Novocastrian.

"Covid-19 has shown that you can successfully work remotely, or perhaps a hybrid of work from home and a couple of days in the office. Newcastle’s role as a satellite town to Sydney has never been more appealing.”


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