The Agency partners with real estate coach Claudio Encinas

The Agency partners with real estate coach Claudio Encinas
The Agency partners with real estate coach Claudio Encinas

The Agency has partnered with real estate coach Claudio Encina, who will reportedly be providing a tailored and on-call coaching service to company's east coast team.

“I have known Claudio Encina for close to 40 years, both professionally and personally, he is an outstanding coach who genuinely cares about the welfare and success of the agents he is coaching. He individualises his service to every agent, there is nothing cookie cutter about Claudio’s approach,” Matt Lahood, The Agency’s CEO explains.

“No one can downplay the challenges everyone has experienced through this pandemic and we all need a support network. I will be back working closely with our agents providing guidance and mentorship and I am thrilled I will have Claudio Encina by my side working so closely with our agents also.”

Claudio Encina has been coaching agents for more than ten years, and has been in the industy for 25 years.

“My first step with The Agency is to work closely with the agents on creating a strong position in the post-Covid market. At first it was about pivoting and quickly adapting to the necessary changes Covid required, but now we need to shift the needle on their businesses,” Claudio Encina says. “This includes the 12-week sprint to spring and strategic planning around the five critical drivers within an agent’s business.”

According to Claudio Encina, agents can sure up their business’s future with a pro-active project management approach addressing the five critical drivers.

He describes these critical drivers as: lead generation; nurture (client ecosystems); conversion; vendor expectations and buyer management. 

“I am honoured to work with The Agency and alongside Matt Lahood who I have known for 40 years. It is a prestigious brand with an impressive stable of agents. I am looking forward to providing support and proactively helping the agents grow and flourish professionally and personally,” Claudio Encina concluded.

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