Matt Lancashire's New Farm Ray White office takes the state's number 1 spot

Matt Lancashire's New Farm Ray White office takes the state's number 1 spot
Matt Lancashire's New Farm Ray White office takes the state's number 1 spot
Matt Lancashire's New Farm Ray White office is sitting in the number 1 spot within Queensland of the estate agency network.
"It was a proud moment for our New Farm office this month with our chairman Brian White calling to inform us that Ray White New Farm has taken the number 1 spot," Lancashire advised.
"This is a huge accomplishment for us as the top spot hasn't been challenged for 25 years," he added, without mentioning it was Surfers Paradise that was set possibly to lose its crown.
It is an interim advisory for the fiscal year to date, as at April 30.
The awards recognition for national and international ranking won't be disclosed until the end of the financial year.
Ray White Double Bay is still at the top of the leaderboard nationally. 
The New Farm office has recorded over $60 million in sales for the month of May.
"All sectors of the market are transacting from $350,000 apartments to our highest sale over $5 million," he said.
His latest listings include Silverwells, is one of Brisbane’s most significant homes.
"Few properties in the city’s history rival this contemporary heritage landmark which is spectacularly located between the Story Bridge and riverfront gardens," he said.
The Brisbane agent, a family man and dad of three, has held Brisbane's residential house price record three out of the past four years.

He sold Brisbane's most expensive property for $18.48 million in 2016. 

Lancashire has said the new world of technology has been a "game changer" for his business, as well as real estate in general.

"Digital with social media has been a huge game changer where we can now target purchasers anywhere around the world," Lancashire says.

"Any state, and suburb, professions, age, demographics, locations, it's actually been such a big game changer for my business and also for real estate."

Lancashire takes anyone who follows him on Instagram through some of Brisbane's finest homes.

"Nothing beats selling a property for a client for a record price," he says.

Lancashire's move to real estate came in 2006 when he landed his first job with agent cum auctioneer Heasley Cush, who helps run the New Farm office.

He believes his apprenticeship as an electrician helps gives him an edge.

"I was a sparky but a very bad one!" he recalled to The Australian last year.

"One of the things I have on some of my competitors is that I have a thorough understanding of how construction works," he said.

"It's definitely a skill set which sometimes you can't learn unless you have been in the industry yourself."

Lancashire says his principals are simple, to get the best possible price for his vendor.

"I do have a reputation, especially in the high end of being the agent to sell with and not to buy through and that's something I take very seriously and I think about it every day."

He says there's only the one thing he would change about real estate.

It's about how easily agent licences can be obtained.

"I believe they give away licences way too easily, hence why real estate agents have a really bad name," the Ray White New Farm principal believes.

"You can get your real estate licence in three days and do it by correspondence in Queensland.

"I don't think that's the way it should be, I think they should regulate who comes into the industry and should do more testing around it because when dealing with one's most valuable asset it's looked over too easily.

"I believe that realestate agents do have that bad name because there are cowboys in the market."

The Ray White network has been asked to confirm the baton change details from Double Bay to New Farm.



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