Melbourne apartment listed for $5,000 less than 2008 sale price

Staff reporterMay 26, 20200 min read

A Melbourne residential unit has come onto the market priced at $5,000 less than it was sold for more than a decade.

Located at 3206/31 A'Beckett Street, the apartment features two bedrooms, one bathroom, a combined kitchen and living area, and a car space.

It last sold in 2008, for $443,500.

It has been listed in 2020 for $438,000.

The sale reflects a growing concern about the stability of Melbourne's housing market in the current economic climate, with HSBC estimating prices could drop by as much as 17% if the current downturn is prolonged.

Another unit, on the same street, has also been recently listed with a price guide reflecting a likely loss on the investment.

Sam Liu, from Selling Melbourne Real Estate, has the A'Beckett Street listing.


Staff reporter

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