Domain has announce surprise March revenue growth

Domain has announce surprise March revenue growth
Domain has announce surprise March revenue growth

Domain Group trading in the FY20 March quarter saw a small revenue increase of 1% for the quarter, and 10% in the month of March.

Digital revenue also increased, 3% for the quarter and 15% for the month of March despite the shutdown being introduced.

Domain has strengthened its liquidity position by reaching agreement with its banking group for a new debt facility of $80 million, with a term of 18 months.

The facility is in addition to the $225 million facilities announced to the market on 8 November 2019, with terms of three and four years.

Domain’s banking group has also agreed to a waiver of the group’s financial covenants as at June and December 2020. Domain’s net debt at 31 March 2020 was $149.5 million compared with $147.9 million at December 2019.

Domain has launched a voluntary staff program to deliver a 20% reduction in staff costs, while retaining employee talent and business momentum for the long term.

Employees were offered the opportunity to participate in a Share Rights program whereby they could receive a percentage of their salary package over the next six months in share rights (Rights), or alternatively elect to reduce working hours.

Both options have the effect of reducing staff costs over the next six months.

The plan has been overwhelmingly supported by Domain employees, with the majority electing to take a percentage of their salary in Rights.

Domain’s Leadership Team has elected to participate at higher rates: 30% for executive leaders and 50% for the CEO and Board members. The plan will take effect for six months from May 2020.

Domain Revenue Growth

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