Opteon launch zero-contact property valuation to combat COVID-19

Staff reporterMarch 19, 20200 min read

Opteon has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, launching a zero-contact virtual property valuation solution for the Australian market.

Their solution is a new Virtual Valuation that uses a combination of visual verification aides and a guided interview.

The independent property advisory said that the Virtual Valuation comprises the same quality of data and accuracy as the onsite valuation that lenders are required to obtain to manage risk to their portfolios. 

Opteon’s CEO Chris Knight said, “Opteon wants to enable lenders to keep operating as normally as possible, and we know we can help them manage their risk profile with this solution."

"Lenders can be assured that this solution meets all regulatory requirements so that they can continue to approve mortgages with confidence.” 

“We’re proud that we’ve been able to bring a zero-contact valuation solution to the market so quickly, and that we’re able to fully support our customers and the broader property industry through this pandemic,” Knight concluded.

Staff reporter

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