Lismore expected to see lower production levels in 2020: HTW rural

Staff reporterFebruary 24, 20200 min read

Lismore will experience uncertainty in expected production this year for most rural industries, according to the recent Herron Todd White (HTW) rural report.

The property valuation firm suggests that the weather and subsequent farm production levels are foremost in the minds of farmers at the start of this year. 

The report was issued in early February before the heavy rains across some of NSW.

"Anecdotal reports indicate that there may be a reduced macadamia crop," HTW reports.

"Parts of the sugar industry did not complete 2019 planting and ration crops in some areas have struggled in the dry conditions, the summer crop planting of soya beans has been restricted with the planting window to close in the next few weeks."

"Pasture conditions for beef and fairy farmers are challenging in the dry conditions."

"There has been a slight upswing in world sugar prices, but a long way to go," HTW suggests. 

"Lower production levels and lower farm incomes may limit farm purchase activity." 

"The exception being farms that have rural lifestyle attributes to attract more cashed up purchasers from urban areas."  

Staff reporter

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