Sydney vendors vacate market as December 2019 property listings decrease: SQM Research

Staff reporterJanuary 8, 20200 min read

Figures released by SQM Research show a decrease in national residential property listings across all capital cities in December 2019. 

National residential property listings across capital cities show an overall 12 per cent decline in 2019.

In December 2019, listings decreased by 14.8 per cent, declining from 338,971 in November to 288,966.

"The month of December traditionally records falls in properties listed for sale as it is the start of the festive and summer holiday period, whilst November shows a surge in listings as vendors are keen to sell before the holiday season approaches," explains Louis Christopher, managing director of SQM Research.

"The recent devastating bushfires in NSW, Canberra and Victoria could also result in declines in property listings and impact property values in these regions in the coming months."

All capital cities saw decreases in property listings over the month with the most significant decrease experienced in Sydney with 28.7 per cent, followed closely by Canberra with 28.1 per cent.

Property listings in Sydney fell from 32,101 in November 2019 to 22,888 in December while Canberra saw a decline from 4,998 to 3,595. 

Year-on-year listings similarly show declines for all capital cities with Sydney showing a decline of 30.1 per cent, followed by Darwin with 25.2 per cent, and with Canberra only recording an overall 14.6 per cent decline. Meanwhile, Brisbane is revealed as declining the slightest with only 8.4 per cent. 

Stock on Market Table, SQM Research.




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