DDP Property owner Zaki Ameer donates $30,000 to help a bushfire victim rebuild their home

DDP Property owner Zaki Ameer donates $30,000 to help a bushfire victim rebuild their home
DDP Property owner Zaki Ameer donates $30,000 to help a bushfire victim rebuild their home


As Sydneysiders start to feel the effects of the bushfires ravaging the state, blame is being thrown at their government for their past inaction. 

Ex-NSW Fire Commissioner, Phil Koperberg has the view that adding more resources to try and put the fires out is no longer enough and fears that we will end up in a situation similar to California, with wildfires burning the entire year.

Technically, the NSW fire season has not started, but we have already lost 1.5 million hectares of land, over 600 homes and tragically six lives.  Politicians don’t seem to be talking about the causes of the fires, or what measures they plan on taking to stop history repeating itself. 

The fires have been attributed to the amount of combustible fuel.  How we fix this is something that the government needs to start talking about and seeking help from farmers, scientists and land managers for solutions. 

Scott Morrison needs to stop ignoring climate change or risk a storm of activism that will make the Extinction rebellion look like a storm in a teacup.

The business community need to start factoring climate change into their planning, investment and statements. 

As a community, businesses need to let our leaders know that their lack of action is not okay.  All NSW and national businesses need to start thinking about what practical assistance they can offer to our community. 

Let’s follow the examples of what the locals are doing.  Small businesses, like the Hotel Motel 5 in South Grafton, are opening their doors to firefighters, evacuees and the general community with food and accommodation (even if its just some space to pitch your swag). 

The Turramurra Sikh Temple opened their doors and fed firefighters after they brought an emergency level fire back under control and locals in Nana Glen, NSW have opened their homes to help with food and a place to rest. 

Its great to see local support, but as the fires come closer to the capital, Sydney based businesses need to take a stand and start to see where they can help.  Its amazing what we can be achieved if everybody pitches in and provides support where they can straight away.   

Zaki Ameer, owner of Dream Design Property (DDP), has pledged to donate $30 000 to help one of the bushfire victims rebuild their property.  

“Its about giving something back and showing our support.  Every little bit helps, which is why we are donating one of our $30 000 commissions to help a bushfire victim start rebuilding,” said Ameer.

While not every business has the same resources to donate as DDP, there are plenty of organisations that you can donate to, including the Rotary Club Appeal, NSW Rural Fire Service, Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army and St Vincent De Paul

Zaki Ameer is the owner of DDP and can be contacted here.

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