Why Mat Steinwede says coming first at McGrath was meaningless to him

Why Mat Steinwede says coming first at McGrath was meaningless to him
Why Mat Steinwede says coming first at McGrath was meaningless to him

Mat Steinwede, the three time winner of the McGrath agent of the year award, has subsequently revealed that being number one in the network didn't mean much to him.

"For the first time, it's quite meaningless to me, and I don't quite know why" Steinwede said during his podcast, adding that "in the beginning I liked to be number 1, but... when you get there, there's not much there."

He expressed that what drove him was the purpose of doing a great job, and being number one became a side effect. It was in a podcast with Geoff Jowett the high performance mindset coach.

"It's sort of like what's going to drive me now," Steinwede said.

The father of six said that it was important to remain grounded and that his family, friends and leisure time were just as important to be balanced and effective.

During the podcast Mat agreed, you've gotta strive coming from love, not fear and that you have to be grateful for every opportunity. 

He emotionally expressed his gratitude during the 2017 McGrath Award presentation when he was announced as the agency's top performer.

"25 years ago I sent a video tape to John McGrath asking if he would meet with me" and that two weeks later when McGrath called me back.

"That meeting changed my life," he said in 2017.

Why Mat Steinwede says coming first at McGrath was meaningless to him

Steinwede describes his goals and challenges when he began with a passion.

"I remember when I first joined Mcgrath, I saw the top ten agents on a slide, and I got a copy of that slide and put myself as number one in my vision book. Not for any reason, I just wanted to achieve that." 

He says he faced innumerable hardships "bumps" on his road to becoming number one but his "goal was bigger than the challenges."

Despite being based in Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast, he has remarkably consistently outperformed agents across the McGrath Network, including the pricier Sydney eastern suburbs and lower north shore.

"Its not an easy thing to do, especially in a place like Terrigal.

"It's like being in a country town basket ball team and beating Michael Jordan in a way," he added jovially.

As a follower of Esther Hicks, he is a big proponent of 'The Law of Attraction'.

"If you can continually make sure you are on the upscale, passionate happy etc, your life has to go on the upside."

"You are the one in control of what comes to you, the world matches what you put out."

"You have the absolute ability to put out the right energy and have it come back to you," he firmly stated.

John McGrath himself speaks highly of Mat, "He's the real deal." 

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