Chevron One heralds the beginning of Chevron Island's transformation

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Chevron One heralds the beginning of Chevron Island's transformation

Melbourne developer Bensons Property Group is spearheading the transformation of Chevron Island, taking to sales the island's first high-rise residential tower.

Sited directly behind the heart of Surfers Paradise, Chevron Island has been earmarked for increased high-density living. To that end, the number of high-rise towers proposed for Chevron Island has mushroomed, although Bensons Property Group will be the first sizeable project to market with Chevron One.

Designed by Marchese Partners, Chevron One is a $230 million project across a 2,627 square metre site that includes 247 apartments.

Chevron One heralds the beginning of Chevron Island's transformation
Chevron One. Image: Bensons Property Group

A recent piece published by Media Hunt featured Bensons chairman Elias Jreissati. On Chevron One he said the following:

We’re seeing the city setting itself up for a golden era of growth and Chevron Island is on the cusp of playing its role in this transformation.

It’s home to a thriving local village, yet it’s close to this amazing and extensive arts precinct on the doorstep of iconic Surfers Paradise. Our proposal is to embrace that village vibe and enhance it further.

Careful consideration has gone into our first development foray outside of Melbourne and the Gold Coast is performing very strongly on the fundamentals of population growth, major infrastructure spending and affordability.

With that in mind, we see Chevron as the first of many Gold Coast apartment developments for Bensons in the coming years.

Chevron One heralds the beginning of Chevron Island's transformation
New Chevron Island perspectives

With Chevron Island's future heading toward increased higher density living, 11 residential developments of note have identified for the enclave. Combined these projects are capable of adding a further 1,414 apartments to the island.

7 of the 11 projects are considered high-rise; examples include 30-36 Mawarra Street, 166-174 Stanhill Drive, 17-21 Thomas Drive and Brisbane developer Citimark's intended tower at 2-8 Mawarra Street.

More modest apartment projects are also at planning or have been approved. Most recently Marquee Development Partners have sought a planning permit for 266 Stanhill Drive; the BDA Architecture-designed project spans 9 levels and includes 61 apartments.

See below a collection of apartment developments that collectively may well change Chevron Island into a national apartment hot spot.

Chevron One heralds the beginning of Chevron Island's transformation
Stanhill Drive is in line for another apartment project. Image: BDA Architecture

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