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Are you a developer or sales agent representing a developer looking to get more exposure for an urban residential development project? is a champion of urban change right across Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria, we seek to aggregate information on new and existing medium and high-density residential, commercial and institutional development projects so the wider community can bear witness to the change that is happening right across Melbourne and Victoria. is reliant on developers, sales agents, architects and planners on keeping our database up to date. can maximise your project's exposure to drive more registrations of interest in a pre-sales phase as well as when your sales campaign kicks off.

There is no charge to list your development project on and there is no charge for placing links to a your project's own marketing material - we help drive traffic to your site in return for allowing us to keep a content-rich record of your project! Our only requirement is that your project pass our simple Urban versus Suburban test. can even host brochures, videos, price guidance and floor plan information further engaging potential buyers and other interested users of

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