A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends
A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

Home decor is a funny thing. We want to be aware of the home decor trends 2019 has brought in, while also feeling comfortable in our space surrounded by our personal styles. But what if the two don't match? How will we possibly make our houses Instagrammable?

Luckily, Urban.com.au is here with a range of current and upcoming home decor trends 2020 will be spruiking so you can find some that match your tastes. We've compiled what all of the trend forecasters are predicting to ensure that your interior design is on point. We'll leave it to you to figure out the hashtags.

A touch of Morocco

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

The Moroccan influence seems to mix well with the quintessential Australian look and minimalist trends, which mean whitewashed interiors with bold-patterned feature pieces. You can incorporate traditional tiling and wall murals while having the option of keeping things simple or adding bold elements such as stripes.

As long as you stick to soft pastel hues, like apricots, for example, you can't go wrong. It is also important to mention that just about every trend we discuss here goes well with plenty of indoor plants.

A return to vintage

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

The use of vintage elements in interior design is somewhat of a mainstay, but in 2019 and 2020 decorating trends will up the ante on the old school vibe a little.

Vintage, handmade, and bespoke items are best when they are authentic, something you have found at a second-hand market or store as opposed to mass-produced pieces that are made to "look vintage." Authenticity is key, and vintage pieces should be unique. It is also important not to go overboard with trinkets to the point of clutter. Not only does this make the spring clean harder, but it also moves away from the minimalist trend that is present in all of these style suggestions.

Pick a pastel

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

Pastels have been big in 2019, especially to create a warm feel in small kitchens, but this idea also extends to fashion and furnishings. Peach or variations of light blue (as above), for example, are popular on-trend colours that work well when layered with variations of the same colour.

Coral hues are a great way to brighten up a space with a fresh look if you are wanting something lighter.

Consider concrete

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

Coloured terrazzo is very popular at the moment and works well when used in the pastel colours mentioned above. Custom-coloured concrete with bold aggregate works wonders as a benchtop or coloured floor.

This bold look can be the something different you need to really make your interior design stand out, and terrazzo tile, like the styles available at Surface Gallery, may do the trick.

Various natural stones

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

The use of natural stone provides the ultimate luxury feel, but it essential to not go overboard. Break up the space with different materials; it is ok if they are still stone or concrete, just as long as they look a little different.

You want to strike a happy medium when it comes to luxury finishes to avoid being monotonous and sucking the warmth out of the room. A great way to do this is with carefully placed decorative pieces that are stylish but break up the flow of the stone.

Staying neutral

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

There are online style quiz tools that can help you understand your style preference if you are having trouble pinning it down. Sophisticated neutrals are popular this year as they combine a subtle palette of layered neutral tones. You can add a touch of charred grey or a crisp white, with pebble greys and concrete shades in various textured surfaces.

Ensure that if you are heading down this path, you keep the clutter low. The primary idea behind this style is taking what would usually be used as an exterior facade and bringing it into the interiors. It creates a sense of depth and sophistication that is almost timeless.

Be green

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

Being green in style and design moves way past the colour as every element of our lives works to become more sustainable. For this reason, interior design is becoming water conscious, reducing the need to water by bringing in a Californian influence.

This means succulents and Mediterranean plants that are less-thirsty are a popular choice. Not only do they look fantastic, but it also means less maintenance for you, so everybody wins. They are also often quite small, meaning you can get creative with the pots of vases that hold them and stack a bunch together for a pop of colour or feature section that looks quite busy.

Love your curves

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

This next trend is also mixed with child safety. That's right, creating a family-friendly home is more manageable now because edges are softening with interior design trends for 2019.

Curves are back when it comes to tapware and joinery, making our interiors softer on the eye and hands. This idea can also extend to furniture, which harks back to the vintage vibe mentioned earlier. Curved, flowing chairs and cabinets with rounded edges create an interesting look when placed against the straight lines of walls and skirting. Feel free to offset this again bold, lined wallpaper to really emphasise the contrast in shapes.

Textural art

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

Art is non-negotiable as nobody likes blank walls. However, this can extend past the idea of static-framed pieces and be inclusive of art made from different materials.

Many people are using throw rugs like a canvas or hanging woven artworks over the bed or couch to bring visual art into other areas of the room. Koskela is a great spot to pick up large-scale affordable art that can help you achieve this aesthetic.

Open up the shelves

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

This trend is particularly popular for kitchen design in 2019 as it creates a distinct visual look and also helps with storage, which is great for apartments.

Contemporary open-frame shelving can be used to connect open-plan living spaces while also displaying certain feature pieces that help bring your personality into the room. Once again, go easy on the clutter and try to match the colour palettes of things like book spines with feature pieces when combining these elements into the same space.

Contrasting tiles

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

Tile formats are becoming far more adventurous in 2019. Tiles allow us to play with texture, tones, and finishes, and you can get as crazy as you like as irregularity is embraced in this trend.

Feel free to mix matte and gloss finishes and various colours, just try and keep the space occupied by these designs to a minimum for a more striking effect. They also don’t have to look new, in fact, the rustic feel of worn tiles can create a nice balance in an otherwise modern home by bringing in a touch of character.

Ignore the trends

A look at 2019's top interior decor trends

This seems like a pretty ironic final point considering what this article is about but hear us out. You may have just bought your brand new apartment and are frantically trying to figure out how to design it in a way that will be modern, and on-trend, and you.

There is an argument to be made that trends are becoming obsolete and that beauty is subjective. We are spoilt for choice, and there are far too many options. So,  many people are opting for whatever they like without having to follow a particular trend. 

There is, of course, classic and contemporary beauty, one of which may resonate with you more than the other, but the digital age has made us more self-aware, giving greater confidence when it comes to decorating and design. It is best to use the trends as a guide, or for inspiration, if you need it, but when it comes down to quality home decor, what you are comfortable and happy with is always the best option.


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