25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

It is hard to ignore the fact that our spaces are getting smaller. The explosion or apartment and minimalist living are working to take the stress out of people's lives by lowering the necessary maintenance of a home, even micro houses are a thing, but this doesn't solve the issue of space for the things we need.

Urban.com.au have collated 25 kitchen storage ideas for small spaces to help you make the most out of a limited amount of room. Minimalist living does not mean you need to go without, as these handy tips can prove.

Increasing your shelving

 25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Make the window a shelf

When it comes to small kitchens, every inch matters, so you need to look for slightly out-of-the-box places for storage. If you happen to have a window, place a shelf above it as this provides more display space or a spot to stack plates, bowls, and even artwork.

2. Shelves on the backsplash

The backsplash occupies a significant amount of space, so why not make the most of it by installing some glass shelving. This can help make more of a visual out of this necessary area and keeps items tucked underneath a cabinet. If you do use glass shelving, you can store your glasses in this spot as the materials will match, creating a near-invisible effect.

3. Use a pot rack

A pot rack is great for freeing up cupboard space, showing off your pot collection and makes it easy to access these implements that you are likely using daily. Plus, if this is placed above the sink area, they can be put away immediately for drying.

4. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are very handy for any space that has enough room for them. This modern solution looks neat and provides plenty of space for dishes and glassware. They are available in a range of sizes, which is perfect if you only have a small amount of wall space available offering an extra spot for some of your must-have items.

5. Vertical storage

When we are restricted by sides, we need to go up. Storage should not be limited to within arms' reach. If possible, you can use a sliding ladder to reach ceiling-height cabinets where you store items that are used less often. This can also create a unique look for your kitchen.

Increasing your storage

 25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

6. Use wooden boxes

A great way to declutter, and increase storage with an attractive and stylish aesthetic is the use of woven or wooden boxes which can sit in an open-shelving style set-up. This is a great way to store more in a neat way that saves the look of too much clutter.

7. Add cabinets

If possible, you can add cabinets to areas that usually wouldn't have it due to being in an awkward spot, but if these spaces are used to store lesser-used items, then convenience is less important. Look to add higher cabinets above hoods and windows.

8. Hangers

Popping a range of hooks up to hang coffee cups and cookware frees up space and has a chic look about it. Just ensure to follow the no-clutter rule and avoid going overboard.

9. Add an open-shelving unit

Open shelving units create a lot more storage without taking up too much space. If possible, you can find something like an antique étagère to hold bowls, creating a feature piece as well as more storage room.

10. Install a pull-out pantry

You can create a more spacious pantry for dry goods inside of a cabinet that slides out, creating more space and room. You can even look to install more than one, having them side by side for extra room.

Thinking outside of the box

 25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

11. Antique cabinets

If you can track down a large antique cabinet, you are ticking both a design box and a storage box. Give your kitchen a vintage feel with a functional centrepiece that can hold a lot of stuff.

12. Don't display the fruit

Fruit bowls are an old idea, and in small kitchens, they make things look cluttered. Use pull-out baskets to hold fruit and vegetables and limit the colourful mess that gives an unnecessary visual distraction.

13. Crockery drawers

Install a crockery drawer that has movable pegs to hold various sized dishes and keep all of these implements tucked away safely, ready for easy access.

14. Swing stools

Swivel stools are a great addition to the underside of benchtops as they pop out when you need somewhere to sit, then tuck away when not in use.

15. Cabinets that look like drawers

If you love the look of cabinets but the space of drawers, have your cabinet doors designed to look like stylish drawers. Really when they pull open, you have all the added space that a cabinet affords.

Practical where possible

 25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

16. Pull-out cutting boards

The pull-out cutting board is a practical way to have one less thing that you need to store while having easy access to an implement you will likely use daily. The designs also usually involve a hole so you can easily push the scraps into a bin below. Alternatively, opt for cutting boards that can also be serving plates instead of plates, just one less thing to store.

17. Store the whole kitchen

If you have a particularly tiny apartment, you may want to tuck away the entire kitchen with folding doors. This way, you don't have to worry too much about minimising or decluttering the actual kitchen. It’s the design version of sweeping the whole thing under the rug.

18. Champagne cases

Old wooden Champagne cases look great and are very practical for storage. Use them to neatly tuck away things like teabags or utensils and do a little recycling while you are at it.

19. Repurpose a door

You can turn a slatted wooden door into a handy hanging rack. Just give it a unique paint job and add a range of hooks to the various slats for a stylish and practical pegboard.

20. Office organisers

Office organisers aren't just for storing files; they are also great for cleaning supplies or small plants, or anything that may need to drip-dry into the sink.

Keeping everything neat

 25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

21. Container systems

When in doubt, put it in a container. Whether your container is clear plastic or a metal tin, you are always better off with one. Not only do they allow more things to be stored in a space, they keep everything neat. And a neat and organised small kitchen is a stylish kitchen.

22. Keep cleaning items in a corner

To keep a clean kitchen, you need some cleaning implements. It's best to section these off to a particular corner, not only for safety, so they don't accidentally mix in with your food, but also to keep the things that keep your kitchen neat, neat.

23. Make your countertop work

Did you know that you can get a countertop with an integrated bowl? This makes prep time more manageable, creates less chance for spills and messes, and is a unique tweak to your space. 

24. Use those countertops

You may not be able to see your kitchen cabinet tops and just assume they are full of dust, but they are actually the perfect place to stash things you don't have room for or use a lot. Think picnic baskets or extra cutting boards.

25. Stack where possible

If you are using baskets or tins, stack to a safe height. It will still look neat while providing even more storage. Remember, in small apartments; you may need to head towards the ceiling.

Making small spaces work

 25 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

You may be the type of person who loves spending time in the kitchen and having a plethora of ingredients and tools to help whip up all sorts of culinary delights. Hopefully, some of the above tips have shown that this can be done even in a small space, meaning you can reconsider that new apartment purchase that you previously thought was too small.

Small spaces can feel like bigger spaces when used wisely, and a low maintenance, minimalist lifestyle need not be full of sacrifice.


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